Sony zve 10 Usb type C connection with pixhawk

Hi bros, I wanna to make aerial survery with Mfe vtol with sony Zve 10 camera.
I get a trouble conneting camera with cuav v5+ flight controller.
Somebody help me please

That’s way too little information. What’s the issue? How have you set it up? What have you tried to get it working? What exactly do you want to do and how?

Here’s a wire shutter release tutorial: Camera Trigger Setup for Pixhawk — Copter documentation

Thank for your reply
sony multipin out cable for usb typeC wiring diagram needed bro I can not find information of sony usb typec multipin out diagram, Thank

are you sure they have done a type c multiport connector? I thought they were microusb?

as far as i can find the remote for that camera is bluetooth so no wired connector.

yes bro type C I got camera. Is there any other way to connect mission planner with camera?
This camera don’t support ir shutter also.
I wanna to make aerial mapping what camera should I use?