Sony RX100 shutter lag

Hey guys

I am currently in Western Africa, so it’s a bit hard to get specific equipment, but I will soon receive parts to calculate the shutter lag of my RX100 mk4.

It will be an arduino with lcd or oled screen and a PPM encoder, the goal is to press a switch, send a shutter command to the dropix and at the same start a stopwatch on the display. With the RX100 taking a picture of the stopwatch, I should get a very accurate lag time.

I just wondering if other people tried a similar solution before ?

By the way, might interest you, in manual focus mode, the tested shutter lag, not drone related, is 0.018 seconds and I did a test using an audio program, Audacity and a Sandisk extreme plus XC1, I get a continuous frame rate “10 min non stop” shooting RAW of 1 image every 0.75 second.