Sony A5100 CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN Flash mod for CAM evnents

Hey guys,

i try to mod my A5100 to have a output cable for the feedback pin.
would that be possible with modding the flash?

think it should be easy:
-need to know how the camera detects “open/closed” -> set that to open.
-build a circut that converts the (high) voltage of the flash to something usefull for the trigger pin.

any ideas or has this be done allready?

If similar to the A5000 then there is a magnet on the side of the pop up part of the flash but the problem is the camera limits the shutter speed when the flash is active.

Any more ideas? im also looking for a solution like i think _ many_ others.

maybe another place to ask? camera hacker forum? :smiley:

Hey, Guys. Did anyone find a solution?

no sollution that i know.
everyone is using A6000/A6300/A7R

has the QX-1 a shutter feedback?

as well as a custom modification to the Sony QX-1 to provide high speed shutter feedback for precision tagging

ok so there is a way… :slight_smile:

Anyone got an update for this issue ?

Same thing as QX1