Sonic Modell- Skyhunter VTOL conversion

Working on a Sonic Modell- Skyhunter VTOL conversion and have estimated that the takeoff weight will be about 4000g. When using the eCalc I get that one of the recommended motors is the Emax ECO II 2807 6S 1300KV. However I note that the spec on this motor recommend 6-7" props… to me that dont make sense… Is this correct?

Note that in my eCalc estimation, I used 11" prop…

Quad set up - work in progress. Still some 3D printing to do…

Hi SjtStriker,
I’ve had a similar conversion for a long time but with tilt.

You have all the information in this link:
All the best.

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Hi, thanks WIll look into it.
What motors did you end up with?

Racerstar BR 4114 400KV.