Sonar usage for altitude during Guided Mode

While in Guided Mode, sonar altitude seems not to be considered for altitude. Means for example, while walking down a hill with Tower in loiter (guided) Mode, the copter stays at same absolute altitude, whereas relative altitude raises (indicated correctly by sonar).

Is there a setting which I can modify in Copter 3.4? I would like to set it to “relative altitude” during guided modes.

Thanks in advance!


You talked about Guided mode and Loiter, which is a different mode. If you are really talking about Guided mode then you need to send your position commands with a relative altitude frame. If you mean Loiter mode then you need to enable terrain following (TERRAIN_FOLLOW, read it’s description before enabling).

Hi, just one correction. For Loiter mode, it will use the sonar/lidar if it’s attached and healthy regardless of what TERRAIN_FOLLOW is set to.

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I think that in Loiter mode the copter holds or rotates in a fixed point in air. So how did you walked with that down a hill. May be you have used another mode like follow me. Or am I wrong?