Sonar(rangefinder) check

Hello !! I have built my Quad with a Pixhawk and it flies very well with the firmware 3.4.4. Congratulations to the Arducopter’s team.
Recently I have added a sonar (rangefinder) Maxbotix EZ4 as described in your documentation (section Maxbotix Analog Sonar -Copter 3.2) and I can see sonarrange and sonarvoltage moving in the MP status tab.
But I would like to check its real efficiency and the possible noise during a flight . Looking at the logs , I was hoping to see it with the “Sensors/Lidar/Rangefinder vs Baro” display , but only the baro’s curve appears. I do not know if that’s normal, and how to verify the correct behaviour of such a sonar. Thanks.

Bpoxman, looks like it’s a bug in Mission Planner. (Edit: No, see github.)

You can graph and compare baro vs rangefinder “manually” though, to do the same thing now. Just select checkboxes alt in BARO category, and Salt in CTUN category.

I’ve opened up an issue

:slight_smile:Thank you Olivier .