Sonar Option information

Hey guys I know this has been talked about many times before but I am not finding an answer based on my search results. Maybe I am using the wrong terms or something but here goes.

After spending $1500 on my quad, over the past 4 months, my available funds are running quite low…so I have had to start getting creative. I cannot afford a proper sonar that is plug and play with my pixhawk.

That being said I do have a HC-SR04. Now I know these sonars cannot be used with pixhawk in there factory state because they do not output a analog voltage based on distance. Through my searching I have found there is a solution. The thing is I cannot find the information on how to build it. I have a bunch of Arduino Nanos. I am hoping that one of those can be used for processing the data and outputting an analog voltage. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?