Sonar not used with Vtol plane (AP 4.0.9)

Hi all,

I just installed a analogue sonar on my Vtol plane. (tricopter, 2 tilting motors).

Sonar is correctly read by the system when disarmed, I checked this with mission planner on sonar page and under status tab.

Once system is armed, sonar reading is “stuck” between few millivolt. Please find attached parameter files, mission used for testing and file log (shared Gdrive folder)

I also tried the “old” trick of putting an hand under the sonar while in Qhover but nothing.

Hawk VTOL.param (22.1 KB)

Does the problem occur even if the motors are not spinning?

I’ve had an ultrasound sensor work fine on the bench but once I put it in the air, the noise from the motors made the sensor unusable. The sensor worked fine as long as the motors were stopped.

Yes, tested also when no motor spinning. Same results

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no one faced the same issue?