Sonar min max depth fence

I am putting together a small boat for mapping, I have a pond for testing but there are shallow areas and its tidal so it rises and falls. so trying to preprogram it all in would be a problem, so that got me thinking if there is already a depth sonar giving ardurover readings would it be possible to set a minimum and maximum depth that the boat can operate in? so if it detected the boat was going to run aground it would reverse course until its back in deeper water and hold position at the edge or RTL to a deep water rally point or skip waypoint. there are a few ways it could be implemented.


This sounds like a “depth fence” which isn’t supported in Rover like altitude fence is in Copter. Interesting idea though.


I never though about it like that but your right it is a fence not avoidance, copter already has a min max altitude fence so i would imagine most of the code already exists to make this work.

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Nice idea, I’ll second that one!

Anyone know how to suggest this to the developers?

Creat a Post here as an Enhancement.
Git PR

yes please…