Sonar and Pixhawk

Can somebody tell me how to hookup the MB1240 sonar to the pixhawk. I have learned its thru the adc3.3 port on the pixhawk but which pins goes where? Thanks

Here is a link to the Pixhawk connector pin outs:
If you are going to use only one sonar and let it free run you are all set. However if you are going to use two sonars and trigger them sequentially then you will have to assign two of the Aux Servo Output pins as GPIO pins.

NB, Sonar support for Pixhawk is not in copter 3.1.2 (Sonar does work on APM). It will most likely be in 3.2

Any news on which versions will be supported on AC 3.2?
the analog versions (MB 1240 e.g.) and the I2C version (MB 1242 e.g.)?
Or only the analog Ones?

+1 for getting Sonar running on Pixhawk. Any way to bump this up a level of importance with developers?

Doug W.

Recommend closing this as AC3.2 rc3 now enables Sonar in Pixhawk.