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Something in 3.8 has completely disabled my RC Mapping


(jwcalvert) #1

My Rudder (CH 4) still works and that is all.
BTW, my mapping is T=1, R=4, E=3, and A=2 and all of my planes use this with my Taranis.

CH1, CH2 and CH3 are either disabled or now point to the wrong output.

Note: when I installed v3.8.0 beta6 , I also set the Params back to full Default.

If anyone knows what the heck is going on here, please let me know.
I am burning tons of hours trying to work with this.


(Andre-K) #2

Servo and RC is separated, check out SRV parameters

(jwcalvert) #3

Thanks for your note. Your tip has helped me solve part of my problem.
That’s the good news.

Now I realize that the FUNCTION number is the key to my solution.
WHERE please can I find a complete list of Function numbers for V3.8.0?

I did find two numbers that worked for my Pixhawk from a chain discussing the Tilt-Rotor project.

But I need all of them to complete this.

(Andre-K) #4

they are same as before:

(jwcalvert) #5

Hi Andre-K,

Thanks very much, I appreciate your help.