Somes questions from Argentina

hi im form argentina, i have some question about Mission Planer, first im wondering if this software can be use with the dji drones, this because here in argentina is the most popular and the only company that sell good drones. i will used with go pro camera 3 or 4 and this cameras are not available in the program, wich is similar, or how i can charge the camera ar the program. sure will appear more doubts during the discussion

Thanks in advance


P.D.: if you want to come to Argenitna to explain all, i will receive you with a traditional Asado Argentino lol

Juan: Mission planner don’t work with DJi drones, only possibility it if you change the DJI controller for a Pixhawk or an old APM, DJI isn’t the only in Argentine, 3DR have two or tree distributors here in Arg. and their products looks more professional than the popular Phantom but more complex to use.
De donde sos?
…me voy a comer el asado :laughing: