Some troubles about copter crashing, need for help

I had sufferd 2 accidents when using three copters in 3 days。The machines had worked well for a long time before the accident。
The first copter had suddenly falled when goto waypoint in guided mode ,I check the log ,and found the rcout1 to rcout4 suddenly change to 1231 before the accident, without any input by remote or GCS.
The 2nd copter has a ERR code with subsystem 191 and code 34, I can’t find what is Err 191.34 mean.1st copter fall with all moters 1231.bin (328 KB)

Your first crash that you had a og for was due to electro/mechanical failure of a motor or ESC. The second one I can’t help with. I don’t know of AC error codes.
The crash was cased by the failure of the #2 motor unit. I would say it was the motor because vibrations were increasing steadily through out the flight. The motor outputs tell the tale, as well as the desired roll/pitch vs actual attitude. All data ended when it was still falling. Did the battery fly off before it hit, the log ended at 10 m altitude?
A copter requires a lot of inspections and fixing to keep going reliably.