Some questions about SITL Simulation

Hi all,

i’m doing sitl simulation of a quadplane with a matlab physics model and the JSON format to communicate with the firmware. I have some questions about it:

  1. In the documentation i’ve read that the nominal frequency for plane and SITL is 500 Hz. And a frequency > 480 Hz means that the simulator runs with acceptable speed. In a forum post i’ve read that the default vehicle loop rate for copters and quadplanes is 400 Hz. I just want to know how far i can speed up the simulation until a critical frequency (framerate) is reached? Where can i find information about it?

  2. When simulating the simulated and the GPS position are displayed on the map. I was wondering how the GPS position is simulated/calculated and how it’s used within the firmware?

  3. I’d like to automate the SITL run. I was thinking that after MAVProxy is running and the firmware is connected to matlab, that i send the start and reset commands via the JSON format from matlab to the firmware. I know it is possible to extend the JSON format, but it is also possible to extend it with commands like that? I don’t really know where to start, does someone have an idea or is there information about it?

  4. When starting the simulation with -f quadplane in cygwin a quadplane is simulated. Is there information about the physics model of the quadplane which is simulated in this case?

Best regards and thanks in advance for your answers!

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