Some Pixhawk newbie questions

Hi I’m about to start my first Pixhawk build, I’ve only been working with Naza-m and multiwii before.

The plan is to build a Tarot T810 with pixhawk, I’m still in the planning stage to decide on ESCs, motors and so on and have some questions.

[ul][li]Can I connect two I2C splitters in series if I would need more I2C ports?[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]What is the recommendation for ESCs, to connect them via I2C or PWM? Is there any good description how to connect them via I2C? I’ve only read that ESCs with I2C support can be connected but not how?[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Are there still sync problems with SimonK ESC or is that solved? If not, what ESCs would you recommend for a Hexa like Tarot T810[/li][/ul]

You can split up you IC2’s, but why even bother with IC2 esc’s? As for sync problems, I’ve found that my simonK controller with older firmware are trouble. Update to the latest version and they’re fine. Currently I’ve got a pixhawk running a Tarot 960 (pretty much the same as the 810), Foxtech 5010 motors, 18" supreme propellers (fox tech brand) and DYS40 esc’s with long leads and 6 extra caps at each end. It’s awesome. Make sure you flip you props upside-down,shift them one position and do the sync test just to make sure. Seriously the bet MR I’ve ever flown.

I’ve already ordered Rctimer ESCs so I skipped the I2C idea… Thanks for the tip about sync test.

I’ve got motors, power board and ESCs on the way so hopefully I can start building soon :slight_smile:

Finally the parts for my build are arriving, I will try to document the build here

Really looking forward to test the Pixhawk after flying Naza based quad for 6 months.