Some Parameters aren't stored on my FC

I have a Matek F405-WSE FC.
I have changed many parameters successfully in Mission Planner. However some of them I change but if I disconnect the board and connect again MP shows previous values on these parameters not the latest ones. It happens with parameters like BATT_AMP_PERVLT, BATT_VOLT_MULT, RSSI_PIN_HIGH.
If I edit the .param file I can see that these parameters values are the latest ones.

I’m using fw from /Rover/stable-4.1.1/MatekF405-Wing

Any idea of what can be the issue?

Thank you


I hate to state the obvious, but are you actually sending them to the controller or just changing them on screen?

On some of the basic Mission Planner tuning screens, the parameters are sent automatically when you update them. However, most parameter changes require you to click a “write” button to actually send the updated value(s) to the autopilot.

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes I’m sending them to the FC (“write parameters”). As I said most of them actually are updated but some don’t.