Some map tiles populated with low detail (blurry) sub-tiles

With 1.2.92, I now have some blurry map tiles on most (but not all) zoom levels. Its like the first of many sub-tiles was loaded but no more, leaving those map areas blurry.

I recently upgraded from a much older version (about 4 months old). I’ve removed MP on two computers, deleted MP’s directory and reloaded MP with no luck.

Any ideas?


I see others have had this issue (my screen shots look the same as was posted here): … 668&page=2

The other maps work fine - just GoogleSatelliteMap and it looks like only my local area is missing.
Very frustrating.

I am having the same problem with several Windows 7 machines, I do have an old XP machine thats loads all the tiles in detail.
I deleted the gmapcache directory to force a rebuild but there was no improvement.
Prefetching does not help either.
When i look in the Googlesatellite subdirectory, the sub directories for the imagery that is blurred or where I get an error code are missing. For instance subdirectories 0-1 and 15-19 are missing.
Bing and yahoo satellite work fine but the imagery is several years old.

I beleive this issue should be resolved. google change there api a little while back.