Some ideas about Radio Control Electronic Schematic

Hi, everyone !
My dear friend, who is interested in jet engines and welding is getting is working on a jet car, or something along that lines. I am just working on the electronics because I like the circuit building and like to understand how that works. I am wondering how controlling motors or relays or solenoids with a remote controller can work and how I would build this. I am thinking that maybe one frequency will control one output, and a slight frequency change will control another output. I may be totally wrong, but I want to control 3 or four outputs with radio control. I also want to be able to change the frequency from something like a couple different so if i have interference from like military or fm, i can change it. So maybe like 20 Mhz to 90 Mhz. (I know the FCC doesn’t want me to broadcast at other frequencies being used and RC is only allowed 29 and 47 MHz, but I am not worried about the Law, and pretend I am doing this on Pluto, where I don’t have to worry about the interference, and this is just a QA website, so don’t mention the FCC)

So My question is how will I transmit a signal from a Radio Controller with a few pushbuttons and Have a radio Receiver pick up the signal and convert it to a signal a motor can read. I know that I will be using transistors to be amplifying the signal coming in, and I am trying to stay away from Ic’s that you program with a computer because I like understanding how they work, like logic gates and transistors as amplifiers, not just CODE because I am not satisfied with programming something and not understanding how it works.

So Any information on Radio Control, how it works, and how to use the circuits will be great, because google hasn’t helped me at all, and isn’t even close to helping me understand the theory of radio control, or how to do this. I know without a MicroController the circuit will get complicated, but i will be willing to take the extra step to understand how it works.

I probably don’t know what I am talking about and I am only 14, so sorry about making the question really horrible, and long, but any information will help.
Looking forward your comments.

I think you can save yourself a great deal of trouble just by buying a frequency agile (hops about) HobbyKing setup. Some things are just not worth making yourself. I applaud you wanting to though!

Something like this for $59 is a start

Welcome and enjoy the hobby

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