Some help needed for starting with a trad heli

Hi guys,

I have an Trex450 V2 clone sitting and collecting dust.
So I thought, why not give it a new spin with ardupilot.
As it currently has cheap analog servos and ESC, the first thing to replace are those.
I have also an APM sitting in the shelf…
But then, is it the 450 a good size to start with ardupilot, Should I go for a bigger heli? 500/600/700 size?
Or am I good with the 450?
I have both flybar and FBL head, and as I am no good for 3D, should I put the flybar on it for video capturing?
And what about the APM? I should probably go for a pixhawk as I will need some advanced features.

I remember I’ve read on this forum about swashplate setup video from Leonard (or was it Rob cann’t remeber) and PID tuning, but I can’t find them anymore. Does anybody have a link it could share?


Pixhawk + damping, or CUAV Pixhack (built-in damping)

450 level, you can try, that is, space is a bit small, install the master and other modules need to use more thought

The 450 will be fine to get started in trad heli’s. The Pixhawk is probably a better option than the APM if you want GPS, etc… This is Rob’s video on head setup, and it applies to either flybar or FBL head:

For tuning, the wiki needs serious update. Please read this post on tuning to save yourself some big headaches

Oh - your analog servos will be fine with the flybar head. Unless you don’t trust them and want to start with fresh servos. For FBL they might be a bit slow if their 60 deg sweep time is more than about 180 milliseconds.

I will probably go for a Pixhack

Thanks for the link, and the info on PID tuning, now I just have to wait the slow boat from china with a pixhack :grin:
The servos are the new ones as the previous set I destroyed in my first flight, together with a boom, tail, blades, gear😅, so I will use them for a first build.