Some fine tuning

So the full size Talon is flying full auto missions from catapult launch to landing.
Just doing some tweaks and adjustments…
Altitude hold and airspeed both vary more than I would like.

Set the Trim throttle position to be the average of cruise flight.
Plane wants to fly about 3 deg nose high in cruise. So I was not sure if I should set TRIM_PITCH_CD to + or - 300?

What else should I change to make airspeed hold more stable?

Lastly had WP 7 Waypoint , WP 8 Do land start and Wp 9 land.
In the auto mission it went directly from WP7 to WP 9 did not go by WP8?
Did I misunderstand or do I have something set wrong?

Lastly the Mission WP number in the OSD is nice. Is there anyway to show the WP count, IE if WP 6 is a goto to back to WP 2 10 times. Anyway to show in OSD that we are on loop 7 of 10?

Any way to make a servo go to a specific poisition depending on Arm status and mission mode?

Would like one position for disarmed.
Would like one position for armed and not in takeoff mode.
Would like one position for armed and in takeoff mode.
I’ve tossed or launched it without arming or being in takeoff mode, sould like an external visual flag to show these.

Youtube of an auto launch

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Answers to some of these questions:

TRIM_PITCH_CD should be positive for more nose up.

Putting the JUMP numbers in OS is possible by setting the boolean in increment_jump_times_run in AP_Mission.cpp
I have not changed this yet, I strungly suspect that this will be immediately overwritten by the Mission: X WP message.
So not seeing a clean way to do this… without some more state logic.

There is a servo function to reflect armed/disarmed. One could also do this via LUA script. so a Couple ways to get the indicator.

Still don’t understand why mission is skipping the Do Land start waypoint?

Is this ONLY for RTL?

One additional thing the arrow pointing toward home seems wrong

When I fly straight over the home way point its V XXX with XXX counting down then it switches to the arrow pointing straight up and starts counting up. The home arrow left right seems correct.

This is with HD Zero MSP OSD.

Here is OSD video record.

Look at 0:14 , 1:15, 2:15 etc… flying about 1 min loops directly over home.

The general problem with modern programming is that people have stopped working with specific hardware.
Instead of working with events and responding to them (as it is in Real Life around us), human programmers operate with “objects” that are very loosely connected with Reality and “accurate response to events.”
LUA scripts are a “layer” between. Don’t forget it. Aircraft control should be “Event Driven System”, not “Object Driven System”.
I’ve been reading a lot of threads here and I see things go down the drain… instead of simplification, more and more complex levels of abstractions are added… :frowning:
Everything I write is my opinion. The opinion of an old programmer who hates Object Oriented Programming.
Grandpa Niklaus Emil Wirth (Great Programmer) is probably turning over in his grave, seeing the source code that ArduPilot of the latest versions is now written with…

My advice: you should understand what is happening inside your Operating System when this error occurs. (which processes interfere). No need to leave everything to the will of a “random collection of processes”, as you have now.