Some bugs and ideas

I’m using 3.5.3

  • If RTL_SPEED is other than 0, WPNAV_SPEED will switch to RTL_SPEED’s value when you disconnect.

  • Can we reduce 3D splining or remove it completely? Altitude splining is dangerous and inefficient.

  • Waypoint navigation speed based on watts can increase efficiency quite a bit. Failsafe it by adding a minimum ground speed parameter during watt-based navigation. If relying on amp meters is not a good idea, use an average RCOUT parameter instead.

  • It’s possible to get your multirotor stuck in the air if it ends a mission without a land command and your controller/receiver quits working during the mission and radio failsafe is enabled continue with mission. The copter will hover at the final waypoint until battery failsafe kicks in. If no battery failsafe, the copter is guaranteed to crash. When the final waypoint is completed, the firmware should not consider itself still in a mission.

  • During a mission, when reducing speed just 1 m/s, the copter will unnecessarily perform a large brake event.
  • What do you mean disconnect ? If GCS failsafe is active it will RTL, and when it does, it is suposed to use RTL_SPEED
  • Do you mean only use splines in XY plane and linear interpolation in the Z plane ?
  • What do you mean with Watts based navigation ?
  • You should add a land command at the end of the mission if you do want to land. If you do not want to land then do not do it. But yes, you should have a working transmitter if you do so.
  • How are you reducing the speed ?
  • disconnect from mission planner
  • yes
  • meaning the autopilot flies maintaining a certain Wh instead of a speed
  • I don’t always want to land. Sometimes I will repeat the mission first.