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Some advice for QGC iOS version

(0x10) #1

I used this app and found some problems.

1 I cannot select other maps providers such as Google Maps Web.
The default provider Bing updates their data so infrequently(I think they have updated the map data for the last time since 5 years ago). The maps data sometimes will give users wrong information. Please add Google Maps Web as a provider.

2 Connecting to the controller through Bluetooth serial port device is unavailable.
A number of users in China (As I know) connect the telemetry device to a Bluetooth serial port device to use GCS software on portable devices wirelessly. Not everyone has a condition to access the vehicle through network. So please provide the support of connection via Bluetooth serial port device.

3 Unexpected crash. I don’t know why it happens.
I also cannot reproduce the crash. But if it crashes during the flight, that is not good.

4 i18n support.
In android version this was already achieved. I am looking forward to seeing the i18n support in iOS version.

(DonLakeFlyer) #2

It is not legally possible to do that.

Apple requires that Bluetooth devices which connect to an Apple device are licensed by them. Which as far as I know nobody has done. QGC is not in control of this. This is not the case on Android.

That should be there and you should have the same languages as available in Android. If not please file an Issue against QGC. Documentation tells you how to do that.

(0x10) #4

Alright. I will try to make a forwarding device to connect to the vehicle through network.
But I cannot find any i18n settings in iOS version in App Store. How can I change the language to Chinese(simplified)?

(0x10) #5

By the way, how can I import offline maps data? Maybe I can use google maps data in this way.
I also found another maps provider called TomTom. Is it legal to add this provider to QGroundControl?

(DonLakeFlyer) #6

Stable iOS build should automatically pick up language based on device language. If it doesn’t please enter an issue. Documentation explains how to do that.

Not currently possibly, but in discussion.

(0x10) #7

I have already filed an issue on GitHub. Please check.