SOLVED USER ERROR ArduiPlane No servo outputs beyond initialisation

Im new to rc aircraft in general so its probably my mistake but i cannot for the life of me get a pixhawk 2.4.8 to output anything to servos and esc’s. The servos both center upon power up but i get nothing after that. At first i though it was a arming issue (I did have issues arming but have solved most and disables needing to arm) but arming is now disabled so its not that. The servos are easy to move by hand and offer no more resistance then when disconnected and the esc makes a slow steady and annoying beep that i cannot stop. Any help would be appreciated its my first rc plane.

How are you powering the servos? Have you checked the servo rail on the pixhawk to see if it’s got the power you’re expecting? Are the servos connected to the correct outputs corresponding to the SERVOx_FUNCTION you’ve setup? Try not to move the servos too much when they’re powered up. Some servos don’t like that very much and it can strip plastic gears.

The ESC beeping means the ESC isn’t getting the signal it’s expecting to start. Most likely I’d guess it’s either not getting any signal, or it’s not calibrated to the signal it’s getting.

If the power is good then we can look at your parameters. Maybe post a parameter file so somebody here can sort through it to see if there’s an issue.

Regarding the arming, generally it’s considered a bad idea to disable arming or arming checks when setting things up. If the plane won’t arm it’s best to figure out why and fix that problem.

Thanks for the response. I had the wire in in the wrong ports thinking that 1 would be closest to the rc-in but its on the other side.

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