[Solved] Separate Steering and Throttle boat's navigation problem

Hello, all developers!
I just have a field test a few days ago. And my boat is never running properly in Auto mode. The boat seems to weave on the water, and the motion direction is random.
I have read the devoloper’s suggestion in the discourse, so i also test the Acro and Steering mode. And I fetch the RCIN and RCOU information in the .BIN log as shown in below. I can’t understand what the drawn curve stand for, and how can I adjust it in order to make it move along the line between waypoints.
The firmware I used is ArduRover 3.4.2, and my boat is equiped with separated steering and throtte. The parameters I set can be checked HERE.
Thanks for your analyzation.

Statement of the problem:

  1. In Steering mode, the RCIN.C1 and RCOU.C1 are plotted in Fig1.

  2. In Acro mode, the RCIN.C1 and RCOU.C1 are plotted in Fig2.

  3. In AUTO mode, it seems that the boat can’t find where to go.

I’ll try and look later. I have a boat I often run with separate throttle and steering.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
And the further test showed that the cause of the phenomenon mentioned above was that the Servo function “GroundSteering” was reversed.
After correct it, now, the boat runs much better.