[SOLVED] Question about INS_HNTCH_FREQ value

Hi community,
It’s not specifically a copter tuning issue, but I was wondering, would it be safe to set this value to 20 or 30? I know based on the wiki, it suggests that this value should be within the range of 10 to 495Hz. As I normally don’t have a copter of that size, I’ve never set this value below 50. But recently, we’ve acquired some larger quadcopters. For safety concerns, I just want to double-check this.

Hi @XinChengGe,

I think @andyp1per is perhaps best placed to answer this one.

It can be safe, but you need to be careful as you are notching down in your control bandwidth - you need to keep the notch narrow and closely aligned with the noise

Keep the attenuation level as low as needed, higher attenuation levels cause more phase lag.

Thanks guys, Really appreciate your replies, and I’ve been struggling with a 30Hz noise issue on this copter for a while.

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So, I think It’s would be nice to give some feedback img about the setup and test flight result here. just in case someone else get the same question.

I did follow Andy and Amilcar’s suggestion, and the filter is working safely and effectively, the motor output noise is much lower than before.