[Solved]Plane 4.1 Stabilize mode, Elevator goes down instead of up

Pixhawk 2.4.8, Plane 4.1 dev.
Accel calibration successful for all axises.
Auto-tune not performed yet (did not fly yet).
Plane: 2.4M foamie glider.

During control surfaces response check in Stabilize mode, when pointing the nose up the elevator goes Up instead of down and vise versa, when pointing the nose down the Elevator goes Down.

Roll response is normal.

Would be happy to know the possible reasons for this behavior and possible ways for correction.

In the parameters list, select your RCn_Function for the elevator (probably RC2_Function by default) and there is a option called REVERSE in it, so set it to True. And it should work!

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If you have to reverse the servo output, don’t forget to re-check your manual control movements. You may need to reverse your radio as well now.

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