[Solved] Pixhawk2.1 slow down [custom firmware]

Please see these videos

Normal operation a month ago:


Note how long Mission Planner took to update radio inputs.
Battery voltage reading also slowly ramp up to actual voltage(15.4 V) over minutes (you can hear MP warning)

Please post logs…
With logging while disarmed enabled

1 1-1-2000 7-05-24 AM.bin (475 KB)

Firmware code:

Why are all the frame configs renamed in your custom source code?

Because original code has only 1 type of helicopter frame (HELI_FRAME). So most of the original code simply uses “if (FRAME_CONFIG != HELI_FRAME)” for multirotor frames. Any new frame type(HELI_DUAL_FRAME) would be classified as multirotor since it’s not HELI_FRAME.

Notice that FRAME_CONFIG is also changed to FRAME_TYPE.


Copying parameters to Heli3.4.6(stable) caused the same symptoms.
Using Compare Params tool, I found that SCHED_LOOP_RATE has mysteriously changed to 50 (Default: 400)

No idea how and when it got changed.

Pitt, great to see that you solved it. Yes jumping between different platforms and so on can sometimes mess up with parameters as some parameters can overlap. It is good idea to have factory reset on parameters now and then

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