**SOLVED** PingRx not displaying hits in GC (OSX or Win)

Have Copter-3.4-rc1 installed along with latest APM Planner and MC (2 different machines). Just got the pingRx which is supposedly now supported. Changed ADSB_Enable to 1. Have verified it was saved to Pixhawk. No ID’d planes showing up although Flightradar24 show many hits. How do I check that the ID packets are being received from the pingRx, integrated, and sent out with the telemetry? I’m using a pair of 3DR 915 radios. I’m not sure that if I use a USB cable in lieu of the radios if the pingRx data is still provided to APM Planner or MC or not. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi There,

I’m not sure if there’s support for ADS-B in APM Planner, I’ve only used it on Mission Planner. But otherwise simply turning it on like you did is enough, all the defaults should start sending data to the GCS. Can you try it on Mission Planner on Windows (or Wine) and report back?

You can view the packets in MAVLink Inspector in APM Planner 2.0, but it dines’t plot the items on the map. sorry

The name of the packet is “ADSB_VEHICLE”, so with APM Planner you’re able to see if that data packet is arriving but you’ll need Mission Planner to visualize it.

Turns out 3.4-rc1 doesn’t support ADS-B. I had to be educated about the CTRL-Q trick to get the 3.4-Dev version which does support ADS-B. Did this in MP. Never got APM-P to work, but my MBP Retina runs Win10 natively like gangbusters. Thanks for your replies MagicRuB.

rc1 certainly supports ADS-B but it can have a bug. Since you say master is working that is good because rc2 will be based on that.

There was a new bug that was blocking ADSB packets. It’s now fixed in master and will go out with the next release

Copter-3.4-rc2 is on it’s way out for beta testing (it can be downloaded using the Mission Planner’s beta firmware’s link). This includes the fixes from TomP to get the ADSB ping sensor working again. Thanks Tom!