[Solved] No current reading using Matek H743

I’ve followed the Matek doco (EOL)Flight Controller H743-WING – Matek Systems re ArduPilot to set the pin numbers etc on my Matek H743 in a AR Pro Wing but I’m only getting a voltage display, no current. Anyone else using this flight controller having any issues? I’m also seeing a “Bad Battery” error in Mission Planner HUD while flying. Help appreciated.

Here’s a flight log from the latest flight if that helps Dropbox - 2021-02-28 11-17-13.bin - Simplify your life

I contacted support at Matek about this. They got back to me very quickly which was great. After sending photos of the board they spotted a short circuit caused by solder splash that looks like it could be the issue. It’s on a very small component so I’m not sure if I can fix that without causing more issues. Regardless, great to get such good service so quickly.