[SOLVED] Mounting compass backwards

Due to the cable routing on my plane I need to mount my compass backwards on the tail. Incorporating the already known Roll180 configuration of the compass, i also need a Yaw180 configuration.
Something like Roll180Yaw180 or Pitch180 (which I believe is the same thing).

However, I can not find such a configuration for compass orentation. Is there something I am missing? Surely mounting the compass backwards isn’t as weird as the many other alternatives which are supported.

@Remi Is this one of the compass/GPS units and are you trying to mount it upside down? (Just trying to make sure I understand the orientation you are looking for).

This is a compass/GPS unit, yes. And I am not trying to mount is upside down. But a lot of these units have the compass mounted upside down inside the unit (such as the 3DR compass/GPS module), which make is necessary to use the Roll180 configuration. Therefore, there should be a lot of options that is combined with the Roll180.

Should just be pitch 180

wow. I have been locking for the Pitch180 option in the docs, without finding it, but know all of a sudden I see that it is alternative number 12.

I guess this case is solved then, seeing that is wasn’t a case after all