Solved: Mission Planner cant detect your board version

Hi all,

I have mission planner 1.3.52 and 3DR PX4 with APM:copter V3.3.3

MP offers firmware V3.5.4 but when i try to upload it fails with “cant detect your board version”

I’ve tried going into Terminal to view the version data but after I connect, the terminal just continuously outputs what seems to be telemetry data and I can’t enter any commands.

Flight planning and telemetry all work fine in MP, just the firmware upload not working.

My 3DR PX4 is fairly old, is there a hardware revision level which is no longer supported?


I did some more googling after seeing the Force PX4 Bootloader option in MP and have been able to install 3.5.4 using that option.

Hi, how I can setup force PX4 bootloader in MP ?

OK I got it … the “button” ( just text ) in on firmware screen under model icons