[SOLVED] How to change Pixhawk 2 GPS2 to telem for Flir Vue Pro geotagging

Greetings to everyone
I am really new in the UAS society and autopilots engineering, I have never tinkered with pixhawk and I have a really important issue (my first one).
I have gotten a UAV for professional use working with Pixhawk 2 autopilot, supporting the following modules:

  1. HERE GNSS receiver at GPS1 port
  2. Telemetry for laptop at telem1
  3. LightWare SF10 Lidar at telem2

Now the issue: I need to have my new Flir Vue Pro R geotag the imagery taken, as it does not have internal GNSS or clock, but supports geotagging IF i could insert it to a telem port. However i do not have any spare telem port and as a result i need to modify the architecture:
I would like to alter the GPS2 port to a port that can provide geolocation to the Flir camera and make the necessary changes inside the pixhawk autopilot.
Any other thoughts of possible solutions are very welcome

Please provide some insight into this problem
Thank you in advance

I have no experience with Flir, but can you inject EXIF into the images such as:


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Thank you for the answer and possible solution.
However, I believe that Flir has no internal accuracy clock, but even for that i ain’t 100% sure.
What i mainly need is to connect Flir with Pixhawk in GPS2 with the necessary configurations

Finally I found it Ody,

GPS 2 is Serial 4, on PH 2.1

A.Using a secondary GPS Cable for pixhawk 2.1, make a custom wire from the provided FLIR Cable which comes with the old style conector.
B. Connect the FLIR Vue Pro to PH2.1 with your new cable
C. Power up & Connect via telemetry to your Drone,
D. Go to Config Tuning/Full parameter tree ( Search for Serial 4)
E. Modify: SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 1 (Mavlink)
SERIAL1_BAUD = 57600
F. Connect to FLIR with the application via bluetooth.
Choose Mavlink at accesory port

Pass A, and come by, to fix you one :slight_smile:

Reboot and enjoy!


huge thanks mate!
this solution will truly help

Corect configuration is
E. Modify: SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 1 (Mavlink)
SERIAL4_BAUD = 57600