Solved Here + Not Obtaining RTCM only UBX Messages,


The problem was that firmware installation in base unit was not properly completed; Using U-connect (ublox’s) on my laptop, u-connect did not completed the process and the software would freeze. That obviously caused the base GPS not to communicate with Mission Planner; Immedialty after installing the firmware through my Desktop the update process was completed.

The firmware update screen in u-connect is described as it is happening, and at the end it turns green.

Hi I have an Octocopter, with HERE + GPS, PHawk 2.1; I use the latest Mission Planner Beta Version.

The Problem I have is that when I go to the Initial Setup page in MP I get a very different screen than the one in the wiki. I never see the green bars and the text.

There are no messages on the surveying window on the right of the screen

The link status shows input data rate of 100 bps and Output Data on 0.

I have updated both the base and rover firmware to the latest with u- connect. I have also downloaded the Driver for WIndows and the COM port appears in my Device Manager.

Could this be that the location where I am testing ?. It was outside my house, there is a structure. Also, how do I know I am getting information from the Here + in the Drone ( Rover)

I am obtaining UBX Messages, but no RTCM messages in the Message Box.