[SOLVED]ESC's do not react same to the throttle (skid sterring) stick(sync)

Compass calibrations need to be done far away from any metal, electric wires, and so on. find an open field somewhere. No concrete sidewalks also that most likely have rebar in them. Open air means nothing to the compass!!!

how about the ESC’s of the motors?
the pixhawks mag is calibrated easily the external one creates issue’s. I’ll go to an open field tomorrow morning hope it helps

works better.param (13.3 KB)

I have disabled the external compass for now. using pixhawks creates the best solution(least drift)
Will buy new micro sd if i fail to find one home
will go to the open field and try to calibrate the external mag there
I hope it won’t be stuck at 33 percent.

Maybe mission planner is creating lot of gps requests and thus it fails to calibrate? stucking at 33 percent is not nice. pixhawk doesnt fail at all :frowning: :frowning:

In this parameter file you have both compass’s enabled and the external one is primary. And its not proper to use offset values from another compass. The offsets are specific to each compass and its location on the craft. If you can’t get the external compass (compass 1) to calibrate then disable it and use the internal one (compass 2) as you state. But the parameter file you posted does not show this.

sorry latest herelastttttt.param (13.2 KB)

wish me luck!
I have enabled the lidar as the proximity sensor. I hope it will help the auto mode

I will go to the school now. Finished the report and the poster. Real test will be on seas.

I hope I won’t lose any equipment.

Moving gps at the top of the boat gives gps signal even in doors I hope it will make sense.

The compass pf the gps module is some what broken can’t be calibrated so i use the pixhawks!

I will video tape stuff and will buy a new real sd card!

I hope this will make it auto well

1.1m/s at 39 thr.

just made a calibration.

1.4m/s at 49 thr.