[Solved] Correct driver but can't connect to MP

I’m using a Mac with Parallels to run Windows 10 so I can use Mission Planner 1.3.75. Even though I can see the correct driver is installed an working I can’t connect to my Pixhawk 1 meg FC. I select the correct com port in MP and the baud rate is correct. When I try to connect it eventually times out and the ‘details’ link gives this info

(Dropbox - Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.16.09 PM.png - Simplify your life)

if you connect to the serial port using putty do you get any output ?
Is this a brand new pixhawk?
can you flash it?

No luck with Putty. It’s not a new board and I managed to flash it with Ardupilot 4…1.4 using a desktop Windows machine. I’ve used my Mac laptop with Parallels for years with Mission Planner but since I reinstalled my Windows 10 virtual server I can’t get it to work with either my old Mac laptop which has standard USB or my newer laptop which only has USB 3 so I use a dongle to connect the USB cable to it. I’ve had some really knowledgeable people have a look at it and we are totally out of ideas. The driver install looks fine so it doesn’t make sense. I did manage to get it to connect with Windows 7 Pro virtually so I’ll have another look at that tonight. Thanks for your help.

Looks like the issue is Parallels version 17. Their support forums mention users having serious issues with USB connectivity. I downgraded to Parallels ver 16 and it’s working fine with Mission Planner.