[Solved] Anyone used Yuri's webtach? How is the index.html file loaded?

Well, this could be a long-shot for this forum, as I am not sure, how many have tried to replicate Yuri’s webtach tools to calibrate the mower’s wheel rotation, min, max, etc.

I have never worked with the ESP32, however, I got to the point where the code is uploaded, connects to WiFI and responds to requests. However, it does not serve the index.html (or icon file). this makes sense, as the files are not on the ESP32 dev board.

Yuri’s code does not cater for the file upload to the ESP.
I have added a few lines to check:

SPIFFS Free: 1.26 MB
SPIFFS Used: 0 B
SPIFFS Total: 1.26 MB

… as no SPIFFS space is being used.

My question is, how do these files get onto the ESP?

Any hints appreciated.

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Genius :slight_smile:
Thank you kindly…

For the PlatformIO users: ESP32 VS Code PlatformIO: Upload Files to Filesystem SPIFFS | Random Nerd Tutorials

… and success!!