Solo on AC 3.5 RC4 testing results

UPDATE: Solo 3.5 RC4 testing results 04/21/2017
Solex 1.3.9
3DR iOS 2.4.2 App
Arducopter 3.5 RC4 firmware
Stock Solo configuration with the exception of a Drotek m8p GPS board.

What works:

  • Gimbal 100% ok, no limping even in radical maneuvers
  • Arducopter Flight modes: all ok; (Acro and Sport not tested)
  • RTK GPS fix and injection: ok
  • RTH: 100% ok with the parameter setting below in this thread
  • Retested and ok: RTM
  • Failsafe (battery, loss of connection -> RTH) ok
  • Pause/rewind: ok
  • All parameter displays on Controller, 3DR App and Solex: ok
  • Solex and 3DR App geofencing ok
  • Solex/3DR App smartshots: orbit, zipline 2D/3D, MPCC, followme: ok
  • 3DR app Altitude follow me: ok
  • Solex flight profiles: ok
  • Solex Vehicle settings and change ok
  • All Gopro controls work in Solex and 3DR App
  • Solex Missions: ok, also the latest draw on map features

What works correct, but differently to stock Solo firmware:

  • Max distance/max altitude settings in Solex: Solo stops at max altitude/distance, independent from settings in Solex. (no feedback only, no trigger of RTH). Unlike in the 3DR stock firmware, Solo will only go into RTH if the fence is breached.

What does not work ok:

  • Gopro doesn’t shut off when Solo is powered down.
  • Gopro freezes from time to time, please always reset by pulling the gopro battery if this happens or remove the Gopro battery entirely during flight
  • Solex/3DR app Pano: doesn’t work at all. Solo is in guided, taking pictures but doesn’t move
  • Solex/3DR App Selfie: broken
  • Solex TapToFly: doesn’t work. When I tap on a location to fly to Solo goes into guided followed by a fast descent
  • no LED controls, no Solo shutdown beeps (already being addressed in Matts firmware version)
  • Factory reset: Solo will brick and doesnt pair anymore - please avoid!

Not tested:

  • Acro/Sports mode (I chickened out)
  • boat mode (no boat at hand)

This is good info!

As soon as I get the chance, I’ll test RTM to make sure it’s still working with the stock Solo.

As for TapToFly going into a fast descent: I wonder if this new version takes altitude into account when moving toward an ROI? If so, then it could be traveling toward a location at 0 altitude. Dronekit/Android would need an update so it takes an altitude (vs just lat/lng) to prevent this.

Here is the link to my current parameter settings. Pls note that you MUST do a level and compass calibration before use.!AnKeW8KMoCcyi1S_C_5-OlzfnziZ

@mtbsteve Is the only way to update to the new firmware is to open up the solo?

Hi Luke,
no - not needed. You may copy the Arducopter-v3.px4 file via ssh into the /firmware folder on Solo, reboot, then do a full parameter reset, then load the Solo params file from the link above, followed by a full level and compass calibration.
The current process is not bullet-proof, and there is a risk to brick Solo - as it happened to me when I tried a factory reset with RC3. Therefore I implemented a breakout of the USB port of the cube as shown in the picture to directly to connect to Mission Planner via USB if needed.

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@mtbsteve that is pretty neat.
Thanks for the picture.
Question for you.
Is there a safe way of debugging the code before putting them on the solo?
I am new to the arducopter system.

Updated OP with todays extended testing results.
Solex missions work fine with AC3.5! @kellyschrock

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@mtbsteve what changes did you make ?
Are you using the green cube ?

Luke pls see the step by step guidance published by @Pedals2Paddles in the Solo Mod group on facebook for all details on how to install and configure.

@mtbsteve, thanks.
Look like the only way to upgrade now is to buy the green cube.
I was thinking about putting the latest firmware on the stock solo.

Added testing results with the latest 3DR Solo 2.4.2 iOS App.