Solo lost signal when Mavic was flying nearby

So I thought maybe this was a fluke, but when the magic was between me and my Solo I would lose signal. But when I flew the other way, no problem. Is there anything I can do to prevent that? Is it normal for these two to interfere with each other? The biggest issue is I don’t know who was flying the Mavic but they were being creepy and hovering nearby. I fly in the neighborhood,but I never sit still (so as not to look like I’m filming)…cuz I feel that to be pervish. Anyways, is this interference thing a know thing? I know this isn’t a Solo, or general drone, forum, but I trust you folks more than the people on RCGroup lol

Got the same with the Solo and also with a Parrot Disco.
I guess the Mavic is outputting so high power that it is simply flooding the air

Thanks for the reply. I wonder if DJI’s drone is compliant with FCC…

Also, any tips on dealing with creepy drone pilots lol.