SOLO crashes, need help reviewing logs


I have two logs I need help analyzing from two separate 3DR SOLOs. These SOLOs are located on the other side of the world from us, so looking to see if there are any adjustments that can be made locally, rather than have them shipped back to us in the USA to have replaced by 3DR. Shipping back to us and then back to users would result in large shipping/customs charges. Really appreciate the feedback, thanks guys.

W Flight:
Log =
Issue: During a flight, the drone we were using was basically stationary in the air (it was in the process of being turned on the spot) when it lost GPS. The drone quickly became unmanageable. The instructor took over and was lucky to save the drone after some tense moments. It ended in what I would call a soft crash landing, with the drone falling over upon landing owing to the rough surface it was forced to land on. We had already completed four manual take off and landings, and one automatic flight with this drone without issue.
3DR Support’s Assessment: Replace the SOLO.

T Flight:
Log =
Issue: After flying the mission we landed the drone momentarily. Then took off again, when gaining altitude the drone suddenly lost control over pitch, yaw and roll. The drone flipped over and crashed down into the ground from an altitude about 6-8 m.
3DR Support’s Assessment: After analyzing the sensors’ graphics we did notice technical problems with the accelerators, this caused that the Solo flown erratically and finally, it flipped. Replace the SOLO.

W Flight: This flight has so many EKF position errors in it, it’s actually difficult to even interpret the logs. To be honest, I do not know how this flight even took place. It flew for 10 minutes prior to the crash with EKF and mode change errors multiple times per minute. It is quite apparent the operator was not paying attention to flight modes or errors that the app was telling them about. There has to be at least 20 failed mode changes in there, which the operator just wildly pushing buttons and not noticing what is going on. This always overrode the failsafes on numerous occasions. This went on for literally 10 minutes before it crashed. What GPS in in this Solo? It’s obviously not the stock GPS since it has 18-19 sats and a 0.6 HDOP. I think this was probably a compass problem that caused the EKF position failures. Then massive epic pilot error following that.

T Flight: This looks like a pretty cut and dry mechanical failure of a motor or propeller when you took for the last time. There is no IMU inconsistency, or any evidence I see that the IMU wasn’t working properly. The IMUs are consistent and all show vibration kick up and almost immediately it flips over despite trying to stay level. That’s usually a motor or prop failure.

Appreciate the response.

Both SOLOs have been modified with the mRo GPS.

For W Flight, are you thinking just doing a compass calibration will solve the issues?

For T Flight, it’s weird because they were doing a survey just fine in the same battery, landed and then took off again and had the issue. Do you think just recommending doing a controlled hover test would tell us if a motor was the issue? Pretty sure they would have mentioned the prop coming off if that was the case, but due to the previous survey flight being fine not sure how that’d even happen.