SOLEX app for copter

Will SOLEX app work for a TAROT hex with arducopter 3.6?

Yes, but you need a way to connect it to the drone. This could be done via a hotspot (or wireless network) on a laptop connected to the drone with a radio link or a radio link connected directly to your phone/tablet. Solex has an option to connect usb or UDP aka a IP link from a network. It was originally for use with SOLO wifi network but Kelly has done great work and expanded it to be used with the whole Ardupilot suite now.

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Where is the documentation for this?

As said above, you either need a Radio link like described here:
or you need a companion computer with apsync installed and you can connect with Solex via wifi over udp like described here:
With apsync you can also enable video streaming over udp with Solex.

Will this enable the ability to change the settings in the camera? ISO, switching from picture to video, etc…

It’s all possible with Solex. You need to be aware of that Camera control is fully camera model specific and also depends on how you design your camera interface.
gives you an overview on the standard options.

With SolexCC, Solex provides an add-on development framework which allows you to develop controls based on eg a Raspberry PI for virtually anything your camera exposes via APIs.

Does the Solex app support bluetooth connection ?