Solar RC Plane 300km 7h

I agree that binning is important to maximize output of solar cells.

Very great and inspiring project.
Thanks for sharing the videos.
Gladly more of it.
Sailing is just awesome.

I read a research paper where they were testing ETFE film for solar cars and had up to 96% transmittance. It has 12 and 25 micron versions. Issue is that it is sold in 1000 meter rolls so trying to find resellersif the manufacturer does not want to sell to me. The 12 micron is single sided plasma treated by default. I have not seen double sided plasma treated available commercially but they were provided a sample for their research paper. (

I am wondering how this would work compared to oracover air which is a polyester shrink film.etfe

Hello, I am researching solar cells in rc airplanes, I am interested in mounting cells on the wing of my Ranger 757-3, I have to get the calculation but about 20 c60 cells should enter, maybe making a new wing with a larger surface area I can get close 40 cells maybe. Do you think it would be good to accompany the cells with a GV-5? I use 4s 2x 5200mah lipos, that is 4s 10Ah, I don’t know whether to choose the gv5 or the gv10, the gv10 seems a bit heavy to me, but I would like to know your opinion since you know more about this subject! Greetings from Argentina!

Hi Santi_Cavallo,

Key is to keep things light and current consumption low. Try to build an airplane that consume half or less of your available solar power, and then fly it with battery for an hour or more. Then you are ready to install solar cells. You can remove the case of GV5 and GV10 also remove terminal screws and solder cables directly on PCB to reduce weight. But you are right that GV10 are heavier that were why I decided to go with GV5 . I would also use NCR18650GA or similar cells instead of lipo to keep weight down. I started as a noob and it took me three years of spare time to build, test, fail, improve, and then repeat many times to succeed with my solar airplane. Good luck with your endeavor!