Solar powered boat for rivers

i plan to document my build here because i did not find a comprehensive guide including specific example hardware anywhere.

i combined the following components: f405-wing, volksregler escs, glockenanker motors, steven pipe, 3d printed catamaran, turnigy i6s remote and receiver, 3x16850 lipo & mppt charger, 20 w solar panel, raspberry pi plus pi cam with rpanion firmware and zerotier, ipad with lte and qgroundcontrol, windows pc with mission planner, both with zerotier

a video of an early version of the catbot is here (without ardupilot)

my experience with ardupilot was that its on the complex side (comparable to ros), the instructions quickly require to be a developer and build the firmware, mission planner is an expert tool, logs are still something i have not mastered yet – but in the end you get a lot of functionality that all makes sense. so i will continue to use it although for a boat something much simpler would suffice.