SoftwareUart Not Working APM 2.6

Dear all,

I am new to APM 2.6 and I am using arduino 1.03 version to compile it. I read the datasheet of ATMEGA2560 and found that it has 4 UART. As far as I understood UART 0 is used for PC, UART 1 is for the GPS, UART 2 is for the Telemetry port and the UART 4 is connect to another controller if I am not mistaken. I want to connect another device over the UART interface and was thinking to implement the UART using bit banging on any of the input and the output port. As far as I have explored there is SoftwareSerial library in the Arduino bit it not working well. It gives error of Stream.h.

Can anyone give any direction on how I shall implement a UART using the I/O pins???

Thanks for helping out

APM does not use the Arduino Libraries any more as that layer as been optimized for speed and code size. Also there is no more CPU left to do bit banging or using software serial.

There is no uart 4, just the three. You can split 0 and 2 using a jumper on the bottom and then use a companion computer to talk to the board on uart0 by braking out the connections along the bottom edge … _the_board

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