Software In The Loop and Mission Planner

I have been recently using the SITL within Mission Planner a lot, so I thought to make a video about it.

In the video I show how to

  • setup a multirotor with a virtual gimbal and command the camera to look at some ROI.
  • change wind speed, direction and turbulence
  • change the GPS accuracy
  • simulate a RC-lost

Then I setup Python and dronekit on my Windows machine, connect to the SITL process and run of my script for trajectory tracking.

Check out the video here:

My Github:

Thanks Michael Oborne for this amazing tool!


I’m very much on board with helping with a video series on Mission Planner. I’d like to transfer much of the info that you’ll cover into wiki pages, and I have a lot of experience starting from the ground with fixed-wings.

Sounds great. I feel like an updated guide is missing. I am glad to help