Software bugs after updating to latest version (1.3.71)


I updated mission planner to the latest version on two notebooks. It seems that the update contains some bugs. I can’t send wp’s to the drone… also the auto pan function in the plan tab doesn’t work anymore.

I hope this issue can be fixed quickly.

Many thanks in advance


It’s fix itself as soon as you fix your mission, which has an invalid altitude reference for the takeoff command. Guess you have an externally generated waypoints file. The third field of the takeoff command should be 0, 1 or 3 in the .waypoints file.


I have the sam error with Mission Planner generated missions…

Have a look at the recored video:

Maybe on this video it’s better visible:

BTW, If I use Mission Planner 1.3.7 I can send a last weekend generated mission. If I’m using Mission Planner 1.3.71 I get the error. This should be the prove, that the problem is not only mission related.

Feld (433 Bytes)

Could you reproduce it when you connected to the flight controller via USB cable ? I see 90% radio link which means 10% packet loss.

Thanks for the hint, it behaves the same with the USB cable. Mission Planner 1.3.71 crashes, 1.3.70 works without any problems

OK, As I see Michael fixed some bugs related to Mission uploading, please update to the latest beta and check…

Mission Planner sends now waypoints but not until the end…

Still on USB connection ?

yes, also with USB

OK, it seems that to write mission to AC you have to have a valid home position (At least a gps lock) because while writing mission, MP reads back the home location. (Write Fast does not do this) It timeout to read home position because there is none.

The tricky part is, that if you don’t have a gps lock (and ekf origin) you cannot set home manually because flight controller will refuse it.

So in summary, you have to have a GPS lock to write mission except using Write Fast.
(This is because from 1.71 the ambiguity of setting home via Flight Planner is fixed, the home marker set or moved in Flight Planner DOES not change the home position of the aircraft. Home position can be set only via arming or set home on the FlightData screen.

I tested it if Write Fast with the USB cable. It works, but If I’m reading back the misssion from my flightcontroller everything is changed from Terrain to Relative.

What contains the “Write Fast” command exactly?