Social Distancing with a Rover

So I rummaged through my parts bins and came up with a camera and a 2W VTX and stuck it on the Rover! From my upstairs office window I can get some impressive video range with this vehicle. Frsky R9 for RC. Now I can pester my neighbors safely :grinning: I never took an interest in FPV flying on any of the multirotors or planes I have but it’s surprisingly fun to drive an FPV Rover around!


If you want to extend that to your far neighborhood, you can use (no programming, little configuration):
-GoPro (clean 1080 interlaced HDMI output);
-HDMI H.264 encoder;
-Router (with USB for 4G dongle, connected to the encoder with RJ45 (no wifi needed));
-USB 4G dongle (SIM);
-converters for supplying above elements from the rover battery,
and upload to Twitch or Youtube. You will have a worldwide real time (almost: several seconds latency) 1080 broadcast.

If going further than R/C range, use a mission (dangerous: pray).

¿Will 5G reduce latency?

I have considered that before but paying for a data plan to drive or fly my craft around never made much sense for my purposes.

I use a SIM without much use and, with slowly changing images (rover moves slowly), data comsumption results at 1080i around 1.2 GB/hour (gigabytes). Cost is negligible.
Real R/C car races have been broadcast here this way (obviously fixed camera). Videos have expired by now. If we survive after COVID-19, races will be broadcast again.

As in? Just curious … :grinning:

I drove it ~2km down a dirt road. No traffic to worry about these days. It would have been out of line of site much past that down a hill. Its a 5.8Ghz Vtx.

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