SmartAudio not working with Matek H743

Does anyone know how to get SmartAudio working with the Matek H743 slim board?

I have the RX of a Eachine NANO V2 VTX to the Tx4 pad on the board. I also have a Darwin TX805 connected to another board same pad. I am not able to get either of them to respond to changes.

I have tried just about every serial6 setting that I can. I have tried the setting here in the wiki.


I know that SmartAudio works with the TX805. I loaded iNAV and it changes everything as expected.

Depends whether they actually implement SmartAudio or the buggy protocol version that iNav used to use. You would need to use a logic analyzer to figure it out. I have a fix in mind that might work around this, but am working on some more fundamental changes right now.

I am looking forward to your fix. :slight_smile:

I just found out that the Eachine NANO V2 VTX is actually using IRC Tramp. It is really hard to tell what the power levels and channels are on the board. I am sure that I was setting the channel and frequency using iNav. Not sure about the power as the power indicator didn’t really change. Found the information here.

I do think the TX805 is still using SmartAudio. I hooked it backup to iNav. Was able to set channel and freqency correct, but not power.

I am going to try with BetaFight just set them both. In BetaFlight I have to provide more information. So hopefully that will be the trick.

Hope this information helps.


I tried with beta flight and was able to set the Nano V2 without any problems. Was not able to set power correctly with the TX805.