SmartAudio for VTX Mateksys 405 WING

Yes please can you compile for me as I don’t have the capability setup. The board is 765 (need this to run LUA), I dont believe the 405-WING can?


Craig, will do… I had an idea last night that in addition to using an rc switch option user params would be useful also…like putting freqs/channels on an RC channel selector that could be entered into the TX by one of the new RCx_OPTION switches…so I coded four scripting user params…you would access them just like any other param in LUA with param:get(‘SCR_PARAMx’)
there are four 1-4 and they are floats…so they can be used for anything analog ranges, selector values,etc…I will include that in the firmware builds for you later today (hopefully)…since you didnt specify I will give you both copter and plane versions…

That sounds great, apologies it is a plane.

here is the link… added stuff:
SCRIPTING_1 = 87, // for use by onboard lua scripting
USER Params:
SCR_PARAM1 thru SCR_PARAM4 floating point params intiializzed to 0.0

Ultimately in addition to the power rc switch, I envision freq/band selection with a param for band and RC channel (pot) used for selecting the frequencies. and a second RC switch for USE/SET, SET valid only in PIT power selection on power switch, and allows the designated RC channel to vary the freq for the band set in param (8 steps in PWM range), with GCS messages as freq changes, then flip back to USE and program freq…

can you share the latest Smart Audio spec? thanks

Great I will have to have a play around with it. I dont have my FC etc with me at the moment so it will be a few days before I can test this out etc. Smartaudio link is below.

This is amazing. Thank you so much!

FYI – CRSF has also just been merged, so there are options for how you control the VTX.

Could you go into detail on how to control VTX via CRSF in AP?

I’m currently running a separate wire from an output on the MicroRX (set to SA) to the VTX and control the VTX via LUA on the Taranis or joystick on the TX module. Since Mavlink would only give me half of the telemetry sensors, I switched to CRSF for both telemetry and RC. And to my surprise VTX info started to show up on the OSD. So AP now seems to be aware of the VTX - maybe my SA wire is not even necessary anymore?

tell me when will the script work on the stable version? for example 4.0.5 copter?

Unfortunately I do not believe it will ever work on a 405. The reason being is that in order to run Lua scripts you need at least 2MB cache and I believe the F7 boards are the only ones that have this. You would need to upgrade your flight controller to a Matek F765 or similar.

I meant firmware 4.0.5. and the flight controller, and so I have 765. scripts work on 4.1.0 firmware, but I want on 4.0.5, on a stable version

Oh sorry lol! Yes you will need to wait for 4.1 to come into stable, I believe the Devs aren’t that far away from releasing it. From what I’ve heard, flying on non stable is fine, it’s rare that changes impacting flights are changed, most changes are functional. (so I believe)

  • latest: the most recent build of our git master branch, this contains the latest code. Use with caution, this version has undergone very little testing

sure if you don’t want to risk it you’ll have to wait until 4.1 is released. I don’t think it will be that long. Maybe give the developers a donation so they speed it up for you…

to know how much more and to whom

I’m not sure how much, £1,000,000 would probably do it.

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Greetings Guys! I reflashed my quadcopter, set the settings as it was said here but the script does not work. i downloaded firmware 4.1. It worked before, but after the firmware it stopped, there are no messages whatsoever. maybe something has changed?

I answer my own question, it was necessary to set, Set SCR_ENABLE to 1