Smart AP PDB for 14S

This PDB is recommended in the copter docs: Sky-Drones SmartAP Power Distribution Board — Copter documentation

Does anyone have any other recommendations? Ive seen the $350 Mausch one in the forums; thats is too expensive for me (and for seemingly no strong benefit).

Also for 14S is it recommended to choose a larger capacitor than that suggested here: Installation - SKY-DRONES DOCS

I switched from the heavy Mauch stuff as honestly fantastic as it is to the SmartAP and I absolutely love it. Weighs next to nothing and works well. You’ll need to make or have made a few wiring harnesses for it which could be the only issue.

Cube Power #1:
Molex Click-Mate 2.0 to 4-pin DuPont & 2-Pin DuPont (for second 5v/gnd to AP’s Click-Mate 2.0)
Cube Power #2:
Molex Click-mate 2.0 to Molex Picoblade

The current sensor info in the Ardupilot documentation is off. The following was given to me as a starting point from Sky-Drones:

Voltage Divider: 16 (you’ll need to play with this a bit)
Amps/Volt: 30
Amp Offset: 0.4

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Did you add a capacitor? If so, the same as in the suggestion or bigger, and for what input voltage?

I use the one supplied with the PDB on 6S.

cool. i wonder if for higher voltage like 14s i should add some in parallel. i assume it does not hurt to add more capacitance?