Smallest FC for quadplane?

Hey all,
I’m working on a project to build a VTOL on the smaller side. I plan to have a 5 motor and 4 servo setup.
The big question I’ve been researching is what flight controller I should use. I know the tried and true pixhawk/pixhawk cube is the standard but these boards are too large for my needs. I was hoping there was something with a 20x20 or 30.5x30.5 mounting? (It doesnt need to adhere to the standard mounting pattern) I suppose a broader question is what is the smallest FC I can run with ardupilot VTOL?
I’m fairly new to working with ardupilot so forgive me if these requests are way unrealistic, I’m just trying to learn more about the compatible systems.

The Matek H743-Mini has 13 outputs. 20x20.

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oh awesome, that looks good.
It says it runs ardupilot on “ChiBiOS” what is this?

Chibios is the operating system for Ardupilot. Update from Nuttx. All versions of Ardupilot run it and have for awhile.

thanks for the clarification! this looks like the FC for me

I have one in a sub 250g multirotor I just completed. A lot of features in this tiny board. It’s the 3rd 20x20 board supported by Ardupilot I have used. Kakute F7 Mini and the Omnibus F4 Nano are the others. Definitely the most advanced of the 3.

Good day, alternatives options are the the mRo control zero f7… the control zero oem or the mRo pixracer pro…, both are equipped with 8pwm dshot capable…, more updated sensors and the size. The particular of the Control Zero oem is the development board…

sounds good, Ill give those a look.